Concrete Artist

Kevin Batenchuk is an artist living in Canada. 

He is passionate about creating objects which are functional and unconventional. Simple and minimalistic, his art is straight-forward and unadorned. Influenced by mid-century artists and architects, his work as a concrete sculptor brings to life the surprising potential of a ubiquitous material. The vases and sculptures featured in these collections are designed to juxtapose light and shadow, resulting in thought-provoking pieces, sure to please those looking for a truly distinctive piece of art. 

If you are looking for artwork which will fit perfectly with your individual style and space, you're in the right place.

Custom Design

If you are inspired by our work and would like to engage more deeply in the process, consider custom design. Many elements of the pieces can be customized to meet your particular preferences, including colour, aggregates, and size. Contact the artist for more information.